Did David Stern Saying Birdman Should Have Been Ejected Lead To Suspension?

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Birdman got away with a flagrant 1 foul, but David Stern is saying the officials called it wrong.

Per ESPN, NBA Commissioner David Stern says that Chris “Birdman” Anderson’s shove to Tyler Hansbrough merited an ejection.

Stern made the remarks to NBC Sports Radio for an interview scheduled to air Sunday. Andersen was called for a flagrant foul 1 after shoving Hansbrough in the second quarter of Thursday’s game. A flagrant foul 1 does not carry ejection as a consequence.

Stern says he didn’t know what Andersen was doing on that play, and that “a serious review of his activities is called for,” according to the network.

Birdman very well should have been ejected. If you were watching the Bulls/Heat series and Muhammad shoved Lebron, he was immediately ejected but when Birdman did seemingly did the shame thing, he was allowed to stay in. Im guessing because Psycho T aka Hansbrough held his ground and didn’t fall out everywhere, it didn’t seem as bad. Either way, Anderson hit the wrong person, the person who hit Anderson initially in the back was Hill, not Hansbrough. What was even more puzzling is why Hansbrough got the technical as well. Either way, with Stern calling a review on this, if Birdman is suspended for game 6, that could be a game changer and an advantage for the Pacers must win game 6 at home.

One thought on “Did David Stern Saying Birdman Should Have Been Ejected Lead To Suspension?

  • STOP IT! Yes, he should have been ejected but it raises no suspicion. First of all, the fact that the officials called a foul in the first game with 2 seconds on the clock is suspicious. The fact that every game the pacers have won came from a late free throw attempt should ring suspicious but you said nothing about that. The series has been great yet the officiating has been “fucking stupid” at best. I know you all hate the heat but give it a rest. There are numerous fouls we can all point to that seems suspicious. West shoulder strike to chalmer’s injured shoulder, Wade’s super elbow to Stephenson, Paul George push of death to birdman just to name a few. All season we heard people talk about the game isn’t rough as it use to be. Why complain when you get what you ask for.

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