Did Jordan Crawford Take a Shot a Carmelo Anthony’s Wife (Video)

Jordan Crawford

Jordan Crawford had another infamous DNP (Did Not Play, Coaches’ Decision), but he was running his mouth like he was Floyd Mayweather.

After the Knicks choked away Game 5, things got a little chippy as the teams left the court.

Now either Crawford said “MF F*ck Off or MF F*cked Your Wife”.

This is important because of the whole Kevin Garnett Honey Nut Cheerios situation last winter, where KG was accused of saying Melo’s wife tasted like the delicious cereal brand.

Lala Honey Nut Cheerios 2

You make the call on what Crawford said. Bench players are often the loudest simply because they don’t do anything except sit on the bench for three hours, so they have a lot of pent up energy.

The Knicks did all that yapping about golfing and funerals, but ended up getting whupped. Hope they learned a lesson, trash talk after the series is won, not before.

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  • Wow..I guess it’s easy for Crawford to talk when he didn’t play….

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