Dirk Nowitzki Wants Dwight Howard or Chris Paul

dirk nowitzki beard

I don’t think Dwight Howard would help the Mavericks that much. They would make the playoffs, but if they are talking about making another run to the Finals, I think Chris Paul is the player they want to focus on.

Dirk just wants any type of help he can get, here is what he had to say about CP3 and Dwight courtesy of Pro Basketball Talk.

We’d love to get one of those two. We’d love to get a player in here who can create his own shot and be a superstar-type player. It’s still a long way to go until July. Those guys need to clear their minds a little bit and get away and then start thinking what they want to do with their futures. Hopefully, that’s where we come in and put a great pitch out there and see what happens.

While most people think Dwight is the one most likely to bolt LA, I would keep an eye on CP3. The birdies tell me he isn’t the type to just be persuaded by extra cash, if he thinks there is a better opportunity for him, he will leave some money on the table to go.