Dodgers Could Get Zack Greinke Back Earlier Than Expected

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Some good news for the Dodgers, who have hit some hard times of late, reports are stating that their ace Zack Greinke is ahead of his rehab schedule.

Of course, Greinke was hurt in the infamous brawl vs the Padres in which Carlos Quentin charged the mound and broke Greinke’s collarbone.

The injury was supposed to have Greinke set back for 8 weeks, but according to he’s two to three weeks ahead of schedule. Greinke  stated:

“I’m feeling pretty good for the amount of time since the injury,”

Greinke had thrown a 40 pitch bullpen session on Thursday and upped it to 60 pitches on Saturday throwing at near normal speeds.

The Dodgers would love to have Greinke back as soon as possible has they’ve hit a rough patch in the schedule and need some consistent pitching.