EA Sports Brings Back NBA Live For New Xbox One Console (Video)


EA Sports has now released a video featuring some of their top sports franchises to compliment the announcement of the new Xbox One console that will be released this fall.

Kyrie Irving NBA Live

NBA2k has had a lock on the NBA video game arena for 5+ years now, but EA will use this new platform to give 2k a run for their money. EA shows a reboot of the NBA Live franchise starring Kyrie Irving. The EA franchise will have to do a lot more than release some close up cinematography to pry loyal 2k fans away though. Gameplay has been the biggest difference between 2k & EA the past decade with 2k making it easier for casual fans to play the game.

The video also highlights the Madden franchise by showing new NFL mega-star RG3 running for a TD against the Redskins’ division rival Dallas Cowboys.

Messi highlights the FIFA portion of the video. FIFA is one of the largest growing video game franchises  in the world and the already fluid gameplay should improve 10x on the new platform.

The last portion of the video compilation features EA’s newest sports series, a UFC based MMA game. EA will take over for previous UFC developer THQ. Their reenactment  of Anthony Pettis’ “Showtime Kick” on Benson Henderson really makes the video pop.

I’m sure all the gamers out there can’t wait to get their hands on the Xbox One and these EA Sports titles.

Check out the EA Sports promo video below: