Eric Dickerson Says Justin Bieber’s Driving Isn’t Safe

Eric Dickerson Justin Bieber

Eric Dickerson also isn’t a Biebeliver. He has taken the side of Keyshawn Johnson and other neighbors who are saying that Biebs needs to slow down when driving his Ferrari.

“I’ve seen [Justin] driving fast around Calabasas before in the Ferrari,” Dickerson says … “It’s just not safe.”

Dickerson said he would have done the same thing Keyshawn did in confronting Bieber (don’t know if he would have done it in a Prius).

“I don’t blame Keyshawn, he’s got kids … I don’t blame him for trying to get [Justin’s] attention.”

“I would’ve been the same way … when you’re a father it takes on a whole new meaning. Plus, we got that football mentality.”

The Tweets though are just trolling, but that is what happens when a story like this happens.