Evelyn Lozada & Daughter Shaniece on Cover of Rolling Out Magazine (Photos)


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All has been quiet on the Evelyn Lozada front lately and that is a good thing.  While I don’t think people really change at their core, I do believe you can make adjustments in your life, so people don’t see you in such a negative way.

I like the more subdued positive Evelyn more than the bottle throwing Evelyn.  Hopefully, when the Basketball Wives start back up, she won’t revert back to the bottle throwing, just for the sake of ratings.

Evelyn Lozada and Shaniece

I think in the long run it was best for her and Ocho to go their separate ways after the domestic violence incident.   Just didn’t seem like it would work, it was a bad mix.

Evelyn and her daughter Shaniece sat down with Rolling Out magazine to talk about their mother daughter bond and assorted other topics, you can check out the videos below.



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  • It would a hell of a thing to get the mother-daughter combo and bang both of them……somebody gotta do it….

  • That’s Evelyn Lozada, she used to date Antoine Walker. Antoine Walker is now broke. Evelyn Lozada used to date OchoCinco. Ochocinco is now broke. My message to all professional athletes, leave this no good basketball wife alone!

  • Golddigger and golddigger in training! Absolutely pathetic!

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