Evelyn Lozada Takes HS Senior Anthony Nelson to His Prom (Photos)

Isn’t this cute?

This is why you should always swing for the fences.  Here is how Evelyn describe her “Prom Night”.

I just attended West Bloomfield High School’s prom in Bloomfield, MI at the Detroit Country Club.  Last year, out the blue, my Twitter follower Anthony Nelson, a Senior at West Bloomfield High School, asked me to be his prom date via Twitter and naturally, I said YES!  He even requested that I wear red, which I did!  LOL

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend my prom when I was in high school because I was pregnant with my daughter Shaniece, but this was such an awesome experience and I was so honored.

I want to thank Anthony and his mom Sean Nelson for opening their home to me!  Anthony’s entire family and friends came by his house to see him off to prom and it was amazing, he even bought me a corsage!!!  I’ve never had a corsage! You guys don’t understand how HAPPY I was!! My date was decked out in a custom made tuxedo and black Chanel shoes looking as handsome as ever.

And, thank you to everyone who came out to support and West Bloomfield High School for having me!!!!!

I had the time of my LIFE!


Rumble….Young Anthony….Rumble

Evelyn Prom

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  • Got more butts than a box of Newports.

  • As much as I’m not feeling her personality, I HAVE to respect how fine this woman is.

  • She will do anything to stay in the spotlight. Why would the parents even allow that S*** ???

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