Ex-NFL Jerramy Stevens Probation Terminated Can Smoke Weed Again


Free at last, free at last Jerramy Stevens better thank somebody he is free at last.

Former NFL player Jerramy Stevens is officially off of probation and currently has no legal problems in his rear view mirror.

A day after saying “I do” and marrying U.S soccer goaltender Hope Sole, Stevens found himself once again behind bars back in October for domestic abuse. Those charges were eventually dropped, but new charges appeared for violation of probation, resulting in a brief stay in a Tampa jail.

Stevens probation was originally sentenced to last through October 2013, steaming from a marijuana charge he acquired in 2010. However, his probation was terminated Wednesday according to USATODAY.

Now that he is off of probation and clear from any legal problems, he may want to sit back and enjoy the pine needles… if he lives where its legal. Otherwise one slip up and he may find himself back in a familiar situation.