Ex Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Receiving Anger Management Counseling

Mike Rice

Former Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice reportedly has taken the necessary steps to repair his image and get his anger under control.

Rice is currently receiving anger management counseling at the John Lucas’ Wellness and Aftercare Program in Houston, Lucas told ESPN.com on Monday.

Lucas said Rice is receiving counseling for anger management and there is no set timetable for his stay. Rice is also getting the opportunity to work with former college players who are going through Lucas’ pre-draft NBA camp.

“He’s doing great,” Lucas said. “His attitude has been phenomenal, and our kids love his intensity and his passion for the game. He’s happy to be having this chance to give back a little bit.”

Lucas declined to further elaborate, said Rice will not be granting any interviews during his time in Houston.

By now everyone is aware that Rice was fired in April after videos surfaced of him shoving players during practice, throwing basketballs at them and calling them gay slurs.

Lucas is a former Maryland and NBA basketball star who derailed his career with drug and alcohol abuse.