Floyd Mayweather Outclasses Robert Guerrero to Move to 44-0

Floyd Mayweather Throne

A sparring session.

That is what I kept thinking about as I watched Mayweather round after round make a world-class fighter look like a sparring partner.

The thing about Floyd Mayweather is you keep waiting for Father Time to catch up to Mayweather. I have watched Floyd Mayweather for 10 years and he isn’t the same fighter he was at 26 years old, but the subtle adjustments he has made as he got older has made him a better, smarter boxer.

A lot of boxers say they have a plan to fight Mayweather and Guerrero was no different, but he abandoned it almost immediately after he was hit with right hand after right hand. Guerrero never used the jab, which is really the only hope you have to penetrate Mayweather’s defense and he didn’t even attempt to attack Mayweather’s body. If you are a one-dimensional fighter you have zero hope against Mayweather.

The numbers bear out everything you saw on TV.

Guerrero only landed 19% of punches and just 113 punches in total. Guerrero in his previous two fights averaged 71 punches a round, against Mayweather he only averaged 48 punches a round. Mayweather completely stunted his offense.

Mayweather on the other hand landed 41% of his total punches and amazingly 60% of his power punches. You land 60% of your power punches in any weight class you are going to get the W.

Mayweather said he hurt his right hand in the fight (Considering how many clean shots he hit Guerrero with it, I am not surprised). The plan is for Mayweather is to fight again in September, but I think that happening 50/50 at the best. More likely we will see Mayweather either in December or 2014. I would not be shocked if the opponent is Amir Khan if he can survived being knocked out in whatever his next fight (you never know with Khan).

The fight people want is Canelo vs. Mayweather, but it is unlikely to happen in my opinion. As Mayweather tries to complete this six fight contract with Showtime, the bigger challenges will be toward the back-end of the deal.

In the end this fight didn’t bring much drama, but the drama will always be who can solved the puzzle that is Floyd Mayweather.

I think you know what Floyd is going to say.

44 has tried and 44 has failed, just add Guerrero to the list.

3 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Outclasses Robert Guerrero to Move to 44-0

  • “he didn’t even attempt to attack Mayweather’s body”

    Did we watch the same fight?

  • It will never happen, but I would love to see Mayweather vs Bernard Hopkins. I know it will never happen. Oh well

  • Boxing will never return to it’s glory days until the promoters start booking the best matches. Mayweather vs. Guerrero is not a match the fans will remember. Guerrero was a tomato can. Amir Khan is a tomato can. Alot of fans who paid for this pay-per-view felt cheated. Fans like myself want to see a unforgettable match. Remember Sugar-Ray Leonard vs Marvin Hagler? That was a unforgettable match. Those are the kind of boxing matches the fans want.

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