Floyd Mayweather Talks to The Breakfast Club About Canelo, 50 Cent & Ray J (Video)


Floyd Mayweather Breakfast Club

You can listen to the full video below, but I have a question that maybe the listeners of the Breakfast Club can answer for me.

Why do they those photos of Lala in her underwear in the background?


  1. La La is very good friends with TBC, and the pics are from some TMZ article. She’s aware that they’re there.

  2. Fact: Floyd Mayweather undefeated record: 44 – 0

    Fact: Rocky Marciano undefeated record: 49 – 0

    Most white people regard Rocky Marciano as the greatest boxer of all time. Floyd has five more fights left on his contract with CBS (Showtime). If he wins all five fights, he will tie Marciano’s record. I’m not sure if white people are going to allow Mayweather to tie their hero’s coveted record. We know how corrupt boxing is, just ask Pacquaio. You can also ask Roy Jones; 1988 Olympics. Do you see where I’m going with this?

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