Former Lions Titus Young Arrested Twice in The Same Day

Titus Young Mugshot

I am going to go out on a limb here and say we won’t be seeing Titus in the NFL ever again. Let’s retrace Titus steps over the last 15 hours.

According to the Oakland Press, Young was spotted by the police making an illegal left turn in front of a patrol car on Sunday morning. When they talked to Titus they felt he was intoxicated, so they arrested him for DUI.

He was released a few hours later.

At 2:22 p.m witnesses saw a man jumping over a fence at an impound lot and called police. When the police arrived they found Young looking for his black Mustang. He was trying to steal his own car from the lot.

He was arrested for burglary and was booked again at the same detention center.

This is a real story, even though it sounds like it should be in a bad Hangover style movie, get your life together Titus.

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  • He can’t get his life together. He was passed off as a student all the way through college because of his athletic skills and can probably barely spell his own name. What a waste.

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