Geno Smith Signs With Jay-Z & Roc Nation Sports

Jay Z and Geno Smith

And the winner is HOV…

Here is what Geno had to say.

“I think it’s a good move. My family is comfortable with it. I’m comfortable with it I know it’s not because of an image thing.”

He is lying about the image thing, because that is part of the hook of being part of Roc Nation. He can now throw up the dynasty sign, maybe get a Mercedes like Skylar Diggins and hang out with Memphis Bleek.

Geno Smith Jay Z

Because of the way rookie contracts are structured in the NFL, the negotiations won’t be that hard, but it is another feather in Jay-Z’s cap while he is trying to attract more clients to Roc Nation Sports.

6 thoughts on “Geno Smith Signs With Jay-Z & Roc Nation Sports

  • Geno would have been better off signing with Drew Rosenhaus. I just hope Geno Smith doesn’t get screwed like Larry Johnson! Yeah I said it!

    • He got screwed alright…literally!

  • Just because you pour syrup over shit doesn’t mean it will taste good. It will still taste like shit! Jay-Z is a snake and he will poison all of these athlete’s lives; especially Skylar Diggins! You think I’m lying, ask Cathy White! Oh wait, she is dead!

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