George Hill Says Only God Is Scarier To Face Than LeBron James


The Indiana Pacers showed incredible heart and resiliency by responding in game two of the Eastern Conference Finals and stealing one in Miami.

The Pacers should be up 2-0, but will take going back to Indiana with the series tied.  The Pacers were able to get LeBron James to commit to late turnovers during the ball game.

After the game, Pacers point guard George Hill was asked if there was any player in the world more dangerous with the ball in that situation.

According to Pro Basketball Talk, Hill said no one player is more scarier to face than King James himself.

“Yeah, it’s only like one person that’s more scarier than that and that’s God,” Hill said. “I’m sure if we’re looking at him in the face, we would be very nervous. I’m sure he can make all the plays that we want people to make.”

Hill is aware that the turnovers were unusual for James, and he doesn’t expect James to repeat such a performance.

“LeBron is a great player,” Hill said. “He’s the MVP for a reason. “He’s one of the best that ever played this game. He’s a big focal point. We know that he’s up there probing the floor and looking at everything. We can’t just focus on him. We have to focus on the people around him, because he’s a great play‑maker. He has our full attention.”

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  • That’s a hilarious thing to say, but certainly a compliment. That dunk will go down in history for sure. I know with so many games on lately, I can’t see them all, but I like that my DISH Game Finder app on my Hopper DVR gives me reminders of games and where to watch them. I usually end up in a conversation with someone at my job at DISH, so I like to be up to date with what’s going on in the NBA. Even when I’m watching something else I get the scores right on my screen while they change.

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