Grizzlies Quincy Pondexter Hooks Up With Miss Tennessee On Twitter (Photos)


black sports online quincy pondexter dates miss tennessee

Quincy Pondexter took swag to levels never before reached prior to today after his tweets landed him a date with a beauty queen.

What started off as an innocent series of tweets  lead to the jackpot.

Quincy Pondexter

Quincy Pondexter 2

Quincy Pondexter 3

Quincy Pondexte 4

Surely, if this works out this is something to show off to the children with pride.

Greatest moments in hookup history worthy, for sure.


  1. Quincy, contratulations on getting a date with a dime piece becky. Be careful, she lives south of the mason dixon line. Some of those people don’t take to kindly to black men dating their women. Remember Emmett Till?

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