Heat Fan Reacts to LeBron Fouling Out By Putting a Gun to His Head (Photo)

Mr Markus 2

Meet Mr. Markus aka @BossmanJiggetts and I am hoping this was done for trolling purposes, but from some of the Tweets we can see that Markus puts would be consider a true FANATIC.

But once LeBron fouled out, he went a little over the top with this Tweet.

Mr Markus

Even if a joke, it wasn’t really funny and Markus isn’t someone who should be in possession of a weapon if he uses it as a toy.

It is just a game, guns and suicide aren’t things to play around with, just for some Retweets, but this is the society we live in now.    Retweets and Twitter fame are more important than realizing that irresponsible use of guns isn’t the right message we want to portray especially to people who can’t tell the difference between trolling and reality.

You can be a fan, you can be funny and you can be Twitter Famous without the gun props, hopefully Markus realizes that.

3 thoughts on “Heat Fan Reacts to LeBron Fouling Out By Putting a Gun to His Head (Photo)

  • Idiot. I kinda wish it would have went off.

    • that looks like a airsoft pistol though

      • You degenerate, ignorant, disgrace to your mothers infectious bastille. How dare you wish the gun would have gone off? I wish death to no one “that is some cruel shit”. The gun looks like an air pistol. I feel his pain however, it ant that serious. If Miami loses then so be it” they lose” there is nothing you can do about it.

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