Hollywood Simpson Releases Video & Photos of He & Kerry Rhodes in Bed


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Football is different than Basketball, but how can Kerry Rhodes not see Jason Collins getting calls from the President, being honored at swanky events and cashing out on announcing he was gay and not be a little salty.

Rhodes had an opportunity and blew it.

Hollywood Simpson Kerry Rhodes

So now when Hollywood Simpson releases these photos and videos (courtesy of Bossip), people just shrug, because it isn’t interesting anymore, because they already have their gay player to latch on to.

Should have been smarter Kerry.



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  • Who cares if he like men? That is his sexual prefrence.What is he coming out of? the closet.In today’s scociety there is no need to.Although, it is not legaly accepted “homosexuality” has become a norm in our scociety.If you like the same sex great for you.I think i speak for normal non-homophobic men”i Dont Give a Shit;Do you and i am going to do the opposite sex.”Only god can judge you not me”.In other words “Who cares?”

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