Homeowner Was Preparing To Shoot Titus Young For Robbing His House


Some more details of Titus Young’s alleged home invasion are coming to light, and Young is really lucky the police arrived and simply chased him down.

Young was arrested for the third time in a week on Friday after he attempted to burglarize a home and then assaulted police after a foot chase. 

Now the owner of that home is speaking. Bill Palttos  told KTLA that at the time Young was trying to enter his home, he was loading a gun, and preparing to shoot Titus Young.

Palltos stated that he grabbed the unloaded rifle he keeps under his bed when he heard footsteps on his wood floor shortly before midnight.

“I was by the door and, all of a sudden, the door opened up,” Palttos told KTLA. “I just yelled at him, ‘You better get the hell out of my house.’”

“I feel sorry for him, and I’m sure glad that he left and I didn’t have to find out what’s going to happen if he came in,” Palttos said, “because I’m afraid I would have shot him.

Young’s situation could have been grim had he entered Mr. Palttos room.