Jadeveon Clowney Gets Honored By South Carolina Legislators (Photos)


South Carolina All American defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is a rock star in his home state.  How do I know?  Today Clowney got the rock star treatment by South Carolina legislators at the state house in a ceremony to honor him winning the 2012 AT&T Defensive Player of the Year.

South Carolina’s government officials had an official resolution drawn up to commend Clowney on being the most dominant defensive force on the planet.


The resolution didn’t exactly say he was the most dominant player on the planet, but you get my drift.   Clowney was besieged by members of South Carolina’s state senators and media types alike according to Charles Bloom. 

There were a few comments in regards to Clowney’s wardrobe attire for such a serious setting, but I agree with everyone elses sentiment, who’s going to dare  tell him he was wrong.

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  • Well deserved.SC stand up.

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