Jalen Rose Says Certain Players Like J.R. Smith Need to go Clubbing (Video)



Jalen Rose made another appearance on the Grantland podcast to talk about the struggles of one J.R. Smith. Rose made a few interesting points when he flatly stated that there are certain players in the NBA like the New York Knicks shooting guard, who need to go to the nightclubs to wind down after games.

But, he also said that in the social media era, he wouldn’t be in the clubs after games because of the scrutiny that accompanies it. Rose also said that Smith, has probably cost himself $30 million because of his poor play since he was suspended for elbowing Boston Celtics guard Jason Terry in the first round.

There was some logic to what Rose was saying but there’s no way a player should be up in the club during the playoffs. Earl has showed that clubbing doesn’t aid his game in anyway and he has most likely played himself out of a big contract this summer because of poor judgement and selfishness. Now the Knicks will be in the driver’s seat when negotiation time rolls around.