Jason Collins’ Ex-Fiancee Carolyn Moos Writing Tell-All Book

Normally, I would say this is petty on the woman’s part, but considering Jason Collins wasted eight years of her life while out sleeping with other men, I think she is entitled to make as much money as humanly possible off this story.

If Jason Collins is going to cash out, so should she.  Here is what she had to say about her upcoming book.

“Carolyn will be writing a book as she reflects on her recent life events about her former fiancé. She welcomes submitted questions from the public about what they would like to hear more on given topics that were discuss at the surface level in the interviews. Send your questions to [email protected] and Carolyn will review all of them as she begins to write.”

I might send in some questions, because there are probably things she knows that Collins doesn’t want to get out to the public.  Not trying to downplay him coming out, but to ignore in the process he hurt some people wouldn’t be fair.

While Collins has acknowledge that he was engaged, I would like him to come clean on how he perpetuated that lie for so many years. If you are going to come out, come all the way out, good and bad.

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2 thoughts on “Jason Collins’ Ex-Fiancee Carolyn Moos Writing Tell-All Book

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  • this bitch right here
    anyway good job continuing to cover this aspect of the story that the majority of the media has chosen to ignore

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