Jason Collins to Headline Democratic Gay and Transgender Gala; Denies Book Deal

Jason Collins 2

As Jason Collins continues on a world tour with a mic in his hand, some of his attempts to cash out on his announcement have been leaked to the media.

Several publishers have said that Collins or someone in Collins’ camp have shopped his memoir, it is something that Collins has denied.

Officials at three publishing houses told The Associated Press on Monday that they had been contacted about a planned memoir by Collins, the first active player in any of four major U.S. professional sports leagues to come out as gay. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the proceedings.

Collins tweeted that it wasn’t so: “I have no current plans to write any books. Sorry to disappoint my literary loving fans,” he said, adding a hashtag “GoingToTheGym.”

Someone is lying, I don’t think three separate publishing houses would just make up a story like that. What probably happened was someone from Collins’ team floated the idea out there, to see how much money they could make off a book, if Collins decided to write one.

That would make the truth somewhat in the middle. The facts are Collins will at some point, if he isn’t already, maximize his earnings because of his announcement.

The Democratic National Committee has already announced Collins will headline its annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender gala, on May 29.

Expect more things like that and the Oprah interview to come.

One thought on “Jason Collins to Headline Democratic Gay and Transgender Gala; Denies Book Deal

  • jarron collins is getting alot of press, what if this is phony? he was barley a decent player, this is not kobe, carmelo, chris paul, durant, wade lebron or even westbrook (hint, hint). this is a guy at the end of his career, who is garbage, you never bought a collins jersey of bought a ticket to see him play. now calls from presidents, oprah, etc.. He gets to be the a poster boy? he might force an owner to pay him cause he came out. His last team might have said thanks we are going in another direction, he came with a another option. and we buy it. Never an all star, no nba defensive teams, no all nba teams, he did start a few games and i think he went to the finals with nets in 2002, but no game winners, or memorable moments. Glenn Burke was here before him

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