Jay Z Hires a NFLPA Certified Agent to Help With Roc Nation Sports


Jay Z and Geno Smith

The NFLPA has specific rules on who can interact and represent NFL players.

Non-refundable Application fee of $2,500.00
Undergraduate AND Post Graduate degree (Masters or Law) from an accredited college/university (see FAQs)
Authorization to perform a background investigation
Mandatory attendance at a 2013 two (2) day seminar in Washington, DC
Successful completion of written proctored examination

Obviously Jay Z doesn’t have the degrees needed, but when has that ever stopped Hov?


  1. Remember Master P tried to do this fourteen years ago. Remember he ruined Ricky Williams career and his money. Any athlete who signs with Mr. Carter and loses all of their money, I won’t feel sympathy for them! Common sense people, never trust your money and your life with someone who doesn’t have a college degree!

  2. Yeah never trust people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Jay -Z is just like Master P, that makes sense.

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