Jay Z Surprises Skylar Diggins With a Mercedes (Photo)

Jay Z Skylar Diggins

First off congratulations to Skylar on her graduation.

Secondly, that is a pretty sweet graduation from Hov. Sky is the limit for Diggins, no pun intended. She is the proper looks and skill to cross over into bigger things than basketball.

With Hov at Roc Nation at the wheel, expect to see her fast plastered over everything in the next few months.  Just have to make sure no more of her nude photos leak.

9 thoughts on “Jay Z Surprises Skylar Diggins With a Mercedes (Photo)

  • Damn, we reading the same tweets and see the same pictures you seeing, you repost the same bullshit as if you breaking some type of new news or something.

  • Mr. Carter has hypnotized the young attractive naive girl with a luxurious car. That’s what demons do; they lavish you with expensive gifts in order to bait you into their trap. Skylar is hooked, or should I say in lust. In a few years she may regret the day she made the deal with the devil (Ask Foxy Brown and Amil). I pray to God Jay-Z doesn’t do to Skylar what he did to Aaliyah and Cathy White!

    P.S. Where are Skylar’s parents? Why did they let their little girl make this mistake?

  • Beyonce = 31 old used wrinkled sagging bored conquered

    Skylar Diggins = 22 new young fresh tight clean challenge

    Aaliyah was replaced with Beyonce. Looks like Beyonce will be replaced with Skylar. You know the old saying, don’t chase them, replace them!

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