Jim Harbaugh Says Randy Moss Is Not An Option For 49ers


Yesterday we reporting on the shocking injury to 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree.  The young wide receiver who was finally starting to come into his own, tore his Achilles tendon yesterday during the teams OTA session.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh doesn’t think he’ll out for the entire season, but for now the 49ers need to find a viable replacement.

One of the names thrown around is Randy Moss who played for the 49ers last season, and exhibited a good attitude even though he didn’t produce much.

According to Around The League, Jim Harbaugh has no interest in bringing Moss back, and likes the receivers he has.

“We’re excited for the young receivers that we have,” coach Jim Harbaughsaid when asked about a Moss reunion. “Really feel that somebody’s going to emerge there because they have to. And competition will create that. And we’ll look forward to watching that.”

2012 first round pick A.J. Jenkins may be finally ready to ascend to a productive level.


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  • Didn’t say he not an option. You starting to be Like Rob. Misspelling and everything. “doesn’t think he’ll out for an entire season”. LOL.. I love ya’ll tho.

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