Joe McKnight Says Jets Will Have to Kill Him to Take His Roster Spot

Joe McKnight

Jets brought in Chris Ivory and Mike Goodson, so Joe McKnight’s roster spot is shaky at best.  He is now 4th on the depth chart, but he isn’t going out without a fight though.

Listen to what he had to say courtesy of Pro Football Talk.

“I don’t care who they bring in, they’re going [to have to] kill me to take my spot. You understand that now?” McKnight told the New York Daily News. “Just because they bring Goodson and Ivory in they already think I’m gone. They just bringing people in for competition, they ain’t bringing nobody in to say, ‘Joe is done.’”

“Yeah, I’m going to be on the team, I ain’t going, no damn way,” he said. “They have to beat me to take my spot first. Man, look, they told me it’s a fresh slate.”

Settle down Joe, we don’t want any homicides.