Joe Namath Blast Jets For Misleading Fans


Joe Namath is a New York Jets legend, but is not good terms with the franchise he brought a championship to.  Namath acknowledges that he’s not on speaking terms with the owner, Woody Johnson.

Namath was on The”Boomer and Carton” radio show, and said that he “hasn’t spoken” to new general manager John Idzik, and blasted the Jets for what he described as ‘deceptive” tactics from the Jets towards their fans.

“In fact, I haven’t met Mr. Idzik unless it was 40 years ago,” he added. “But no, I have not been on good terms with Mr. Johnson for the last couple of years.”

“You know, you’ve got to be honest,” Namath said. “I want to be honest. And I think they’ve been deceptive.”

“The team’s declined while we fans are being told how good they are constantly, how this new player’s so good. They haven’t played up to how they’ve been touted. And so I think they’ve misled the fans more or less. They’ve made some bad decisions on personnel the last couple of years.”

Things aren’t looking good for Namath and the Jets right now.