John Elway Compares RB Montee Ball To Terrell Davis


John Elway has done a pretty good job as the executive vice president for the Denver Broncos.  Most of his personnel decisions have been right on.

Elway drafted former Wisconsin running back Montee Ball in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft and bypassed the one rusher everyone supposedly coveted, Eddie Lacy.

Why did Elway make the choice to go with Ball?  When Elway was studying film of Montee Ball, he couldn’t help but reminisce about a running back very familiar to him.

According to the Denver Post, when Elway saw Ball, he thought he was looking at former Broncos great Terrell Davis.

“His running style was a lot like Terrell Davis,” Elway said during a fan forum conference call Tuesday. “We hope that Montee has a career and even a longer career than Terrell had.”

We liked both these backs, we had them very similar on the board,” Broncos personnel man Matt Russell said. “The issue with Eddie Lacy was we were worried about a toe injury that he had which is probably what caused him to slip. And we really felt great about Montee Ball. We feel we have a career back in Montee Ball.”

If Ball can duplicate Davis’ first couple of seasons, Peyton Manning might get that second Super Bowl he’s chasing.