Johnny Manziel Upset People Won’t Let Him Golf in Peace


Johnny Football is in a Catch-22 situation.

He is young, talented and famous. That is going to rub people the wrong way. I have a simple rule, if you haven’t been arrested and you perform on the field, you can do whatever you want.

Only when your social life starts affecting your on the field life or you start getting you in trouble off the field (like Dez Bryant), should people be critical of your antics.  As of now, there is nothing suggesting Manziel’s off the field activities are an issue.  Granted, we won’t know until the season starts, but for now he gets the benefit of the doubt and comments like these are really uncalled for.

Manziel was out golfing on Pebble Beach, some fans took exception with that.  Simply put, Manziel can do what he likes, until there is something showing it is hurting him in a negative way, people should back off a little.

One thought on “Johnny Manziel Upset People Won’t Let Him Golf in Peace

  • The reason Manziel is in California is to work with QB coach, George Whitfield in San Diego. Family is along since it is during a semester break. Whitfield worked with Johnny last summer, a session which helped him secure the starting QB position last season. Manziel has said their work will be more specific this time. Should be interesting to see how he develops.
    No harm in taking in some fun while they are there for that work. The family can certainly afford it, so the unrelenting questions about sources of funding are a bit silly.

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