Josie Harris Speaks Out Mayweather Abuse, Releasing Book & Still Having Sex With Him

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I know a speak on it a lot, but I have to say it again…


So, many people in our world are hypocrites. When I look at a situation like Josie Harris and Floyd Mayweather. I exclude the names and just look at their actions.

I am fairly certain that Harris’ account of what happened is accurate.

“Did he beat me to a pulp?” said Josie Harris, sitting in her living room in a development in Valencia. “No, but I had bruises on my body and contusions and [a] concussion because the hits were to the back of my head. I believe it was planned to do that … because the bruises don’t show …”

You can read the rest of the police report below.

Mayweather was incarcerated for his crime, as he should have been, you should never put your hands on a woman unless you life is in danger. The fact that he did it in front of his kids is even more troubling. Mayweather and the Money Team dismissed the claims.

Mayweather called the charges “over-exaggerated” and “trumped up,” while his team of handlers insisted there was no violence and no physical harm inflicted.

“This judicial system is really messed up,” said Mayweather’s current partner, Shantel “Miss” Jackson, in the documentary. “How can someone who really didn’t do anything have to suffer a consequence for something of this magnitude? It really does anger me, because how can a lie get so far?”

Ms. Harris while admitting Mayweather beats her, has no problem speaking about how she still sleeps with him, accepts his private jets ride, the money he gives her and even speaks on how she has hit Mayweather in the past, while also taking jabs at Miss Jackson.

Floyd Mayweather’s Baby Mama Calls His Fiancee Ms. Jackson an Escort (Video)

Floyd Mayweather Baby Mama Josie Harris Lashes Out, Says She Hit Floyd Before

There seems to be a lot of jealous towards Miss. Jackson. The timing of this article is interesting, because it is just days before Mayweather’s fight with Robert Guerrero.

I am talking about hypocrisy. Was Ms. Harris a victim of domestic violence, probably so, is Ms. Harris using that currently to help domestic victims by speaking out, probably not.

We can’t be naïve here, while you can’t excuse Mayweather’s past behavior, it is also clear Ms. Harris is seeking attention, especially after her reality show was canceled after one episode.  She also mentions that she is coming out with a book detailing her life with Mayweather.  She has profited from the relationship and will continue to do so.

Mayweather is seen as a villain, so people who already dislike him will jump all over this. While he simply shouldn’t be able to brush aside his arrest, Miss Harris can’t brush aside the fact that according to her Mayweather is an evil man, she has still decided to sleep with him and benefits from being associated with Floyd Mayweather, so we are at a standstill.

For the children sakes, I hope they can one day come to a happy middle ground.

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