JR Smith Hit the Clubs Following the Knicks Loss in Boston (Photos)


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You can’t be surprised can you?

After the Knicks lost in Game 4 to Boston, JR (who was suspended for the game) decided to celebrate by hitting the club.  He wasn’t too shaken up about the loss, because he celebrated the next day as well.

Here are the details from Next Impulse Sports.

Pictures from April 28th and 29th — the two nights following the Knicks’ Game 4 loss to the Celtics in Boston — show Smith partying at various New York City hot spots, including Pink Elephant and Griffin. That must have been one helluva hangover, because it’s the only explanation for the abysmal 3-14 performance Smith chucked up in Game 5 Wednesday night.

This is America, if you want to party, no one is stopping you from getting your two-step on, but just remember that you open yourself up to criticism when you don’t perform at a high level shortly afterwards.

I think the Knicks are a talented team, but they need to stop with all the “Blackouts”, Bottle Poppin and Trash Talking.  Focus on the court, because they don’t want to be the first team to blow a 3-0 series lead in the NBA.

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3 thoughts on “JR Smith Hit the Clubs Following the Knicks Loss in Boston (Photos)

  • maybe this is why he was 2-12 last game……

  • Who remebers game 4 of the NBA finals Westbrook and harden was hitting miami clubs the hole night.I often say that is why they lost the title.

  • @elijahmartel

    westbrook played his ass off in game 4. without him, they didnt have a chance

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