JR Smith Sweatpants Photo Causes NBA Female Fan To Go Nuts


jr smith

Earlier today I was entertaining a conversation about K. Michelle and JR Smith. Ironically hours later, this picture has provided me with an answer to my curiosity, thanks to Twitter.

So Smith’s shooting slop is simply because he is being weighed down, not because he misses K.Michelle or is suffering from sickness brought on by Rihanna. Serge Ibaka is having the same problem with the Thunder.

This could be a problem, but who’s complaining?


  1. What is so interesting about his keys in his pockets? Someone needs to go back to school and learn about human anatomy.

  2. it’s not keys, its a cell phone. if that was his dong, there’d be a ripple effect in the sweats, instead there’s a v coming down from his waistband, that indicates something heavier than keys, but something in his pocket. zoom in close and you’ll see the outline of it against the counter below the jewelry display.

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