Justin Verlander To Enter The Home Run Derby?

black sports online justin verlander to enter home run derby


Justin Verlander is arguably the best pitcher in the game, but it’s safe to say his hitting skills leave A LOT to be desired.

With that said, Verlander isn’t content to let a little thing like his .000 lifetime batting average ruin his dream of being in the home run derby.

Verlander took to twitter on Friday to semi-troll, he posted the link to the 2013 Home Run Derby voting page where fans can vote in who they want to see in the contest. Fans are allowed to also write in players names–obviously, Verlander would fall into that category.

Even though it was done in pure jest I wouldn’t be so quick to write off Verlander’s chances–albeit it’s quite slim. He’s one of the faces of the sport and a huge fan favorite, plus it’s time they liven up the contest anyway.

Would you like to see Verlander hit in the derby?