Kevin Durant Dating WNBA Player Monica Wright

Kevin Durant Monica Wright

She is cute for a WNBA player.  Just an opinion, but KD probably would be better off with someone like Wright than a video model or a celebrity girlfriend.

I think it fits his personality a little better. Jocks and Stiletto Jill has all the details on budding relationship and Wright says KD is not just putting in work off the court with her, but on the court as well.

“A lot of it has to do with basketball, that’s how we’ve known each other. But he’s helped me, coached me. He’s actually a type of player I want to be like.”

Good luck to them, stay off Mediatakeout.

Minnesota Lynx 2013 Media Day

10 thoughts on “Kevin Durant Dating WNBA Player Monica Wright

  • Way to go KD! She’s pretty! You both make a cute couple!

  • she ain’t cute to me I’m just saying

    • At least she looks like a woman..

  • “she is cute for a WNBA player.” That is actually one of the worst and most disrespectful opening sentences I’ve ever seen in any article!

    • deal with it

  • MTo been stealing stories and photos from you guys for a long time…Time for y’all to take their thieving asses to court…

  • Congrats KD. You are admired by millions of people (myself included) for your class on the court and generosity off the court. And of course, for the love you openly display for your mom. You will be admired even more for this pretty off-court move and the fact that, unlike many of your colleagues, you found a beautiful sister with like-minded interests. Much respect, man.

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