Kevin Durant Says He Misses Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook Can't Lose

Kevin Durant is feeling like LeBron did in Cleveland. Doesn’t matter if you are averaging 33, 9 and 6, no one Superstar can do it alone, no matter how great you are.

That’s why I always found the argument that Durant would be better off without Westbrook to be silly. His numbers might be better, but the team would never be. Durant is a smart guy, he knows his job is harder with Westbrook not around and answered honestly when asked about it.!/DarnellMayberry/status/334001557362311169

If he didn’t know it before, he surely knows now. On almost every championship team there is a clear #1 and #1b, then everyone else falls into their place. It is hard being #1 playing with a bunch of #3-4s. We will see how far Durant can lead the Thunder without Westbrook, but if you are a Thunder fan, you probably want to start thinking about 2014.