Kevin Durant Says He Misses Russell Westbrook


Russell Westbrook Can't Lose

Kevin Durant is feeling like LeBron did in Cleveland. Doesn’t matter if you are averaging 33, 9 and 6, no one Superstar can do it alone, no matter how great you are.

That’s why I always found the argument that Durant would be better off without Westbrook to be silly. His numbers might be better, but the team would never be. Durant is a smart guy, he knows his job is harder with Westbrook not around and answered honestly when asked about it.

If he didn’t know it before, he surely knows now. On almost every championship team there is a clear #1 and #1b, then everyone else falls into their place. It is hard being #1 playing with a bunch of #3-4s. We will see how far Durant can lead the Thunder without Westbrook, but if you are a Thunder fan, you probably want to start thinking about 2014.