Kevin Durant Says Serge Ibaka’s Shooting Problems Are ‘All In His Mind’


Serge Ibaka wouldn’t normally be the focal point of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s offensive outlook, but with Russell Westbrook out for the remainder of the playoffs, Ibaka has become a focal point.

Add to the equation that in essence, the Thunder chose Ibaka over James Harden last summer, and his lack of offensive punch becomes an even bigger issue.

Ibaka is struggling mightily and if he is unable to give Kevin Durant some help, the #1 seeded Thunder will be out of the playoffs soon.

Ibaka’s star teammate and coach think it’s just a mental issue.  Durant told that Ibaka’s shooting problems “are all in his mind.”

“We have to get him confidence,” Durant said of Ibaka. “We have to get him some shots and get him going. We can’t let him put too much pressure on himself. It’s all in his mind. If he thinks he’s going to make those shots, he’s going to make them.

“He missed a few blocks, a few layups and a few open jump shots. I have to pick him up, and that’s what I’ve been doing.”