Kevin Durant’s Boy Exposes Groupie Begging for KD’s Number to Have Sex With Him


Kevin Durant Monica Wright

I am not big on people releasing screenshots. Just seems petty in my opinion, I expect it from females, but it shouldn’t be something men do.

With that being said one of Durant’s boys clearly illustrates what some women will do to try to get close to any athlete.


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Durant’s new girlfriend is WNBA players Monica Wright, you can check out some photos here.  The irony is a lot of yes men use their affiliations with athletes to get women, so this is sort of the pot calling the kettle black.


  1. robert is so lame. if his agent took his money bso would come out and say players are dumb, when the team is done with kd they will defame him. if this was a gay rumor we would have 5 days of bso agenda bs. someone spread light on a liar we should be happy it doesn’t happen often.

  2. she wasnt begging to have sex that term meant he’s not a womean, kd cant have sex with HIM so…step aside.

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