Keyshawn Johnson: “Bieber Got Goons, My GF White, I Got Biracial Kids” (Video)


Keyshawn Johnson Justin Bieber

This will be the funniest interview you will see in a while.

Keyshawn has had enough of TMZ following him around asking him about Bieber, so he just let’s loose. It is a bit of a nonsensical rant, but that is what makes it comedic gold.

The last part of what Keyshawn said is correct, if Bieber ends up killing someone, it wouldn’t be funny in the least. So, please slow down Biebs.

Sidenote, the guy who was in the car with Biebs when Keyshawn confronted him was rapper Tyler the Creator.


  1. TMZ talked about Justin Bieber never getting arrested and compared it to rapper Chief Keef constantly getting arrested. Surprised TMZ did this but it’s true. It’s also true what Charles S Dutton said in Menace To Society. “Being a black man in America isn’t easy. The hunt is on and you’re the pray.”

  2. TWO KIDS by His YT Girlfriend Huh… Guess HIS MARRIAGE never did Work-Out after that Serena Williams Incident (Ohhhh WELL Then…) O_o

    Ohhh And Key was kicking Some REAL SHYT Though (YUPPP…)

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