Keyshawn Johnson Chased Justin Bieber in Prius, Confronts Him, Biebs Escapes, Cops Called


Keyshawn Johnson Justin Bieber

I am going to assume Keyshawn is not a Biebeliver?

The story is a little odd. Keyshawn was driving home with his kid in the car when Biebs flew passed him in his Ferrari. Keyshawn who was driving a Prius took the kid home and confronted Bieber in his driveway.

Biebs decided to run in the house , like most kids who own a Ferrari do when they are confronted by big black men. Several neighbors including Keyshawn complained about Biebs driving and the police had to be called.

According to TMZ the cops believe Biebs was high. Shocking I know.

Justin Bieber


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