Kobe Bryant Trolls The Charlotte “Hornets” (Photo)

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‘Kobe Bryant with the dagger!’ Literally.

On a nostalgic day for NBA fans with the news that the Charlotte Bobcats will once again be called the Charlotte Hornets, Kobe Bryant decided to have some fun at a bad decision the Hornets made in 1996.

Kobe tweeted out the above photo from his instagram (@kobebryant) and yes,  he’s rubbing in the Charlottes fatal mistake of trading him to the Lakers in return for Vlade Divak.

To add insult to injury Kobe had this gem of a caption with the photo:

In honor of the name change #13thpick #nbadraft #96 #freshface

Kobe trolls so hard…

via the victory formation

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  • LOL….wow I had forgot that he was traded

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