Kobe Bryant Trying To Stop His Mom From Auctioning His Memorabilia


kobe pamela bryant

Kobe Bryant’s mom, Pamela Bryant, thought everything was fine and dandy after making a deal with Goldin Auction to sell some of Kobe’s memorable jerseys from high school and some other things accumulated throughout his career.

After receiving a $450,000 advance, Pamela was planning to use the money to purchase a nice big house, according to TMZ. However, she may want to think about renting now that Kobe is claiming he owns the items.

Pamela alleges Kobe gave her the items five years ago, but Kobe has spoken out claiming he is the owner and is fighting to prevent the auction from going any further.

In an effort to keep the show on the road, Goldin Auction has gone to court asking a judge to find Pamela as the rightful owner of the items as they face off with Kobe as the defendant.

Mama may know best, but when it comes to selling your son’s memorabilia you wasn’t with him shooting in the gym. Sorry mama Kobe is going to need his 1998 All-Star ring back.

A judge has yet to rule.


  1. “…you wasn’t with him shooting in the gym.” Nice article. But I expect better grammar from a journalism major.

  2. 5 years is a long time for some to have posseion of your items. Wouldn’t that be considered abandonment? If I left something at my parent’s home for 5 years, I would expect it to be in the trash. Plus, with all of the money he has, she shouldn’t be forced to sale anything. Why won’t he just buy his mother a house?

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