Kobe’s Announces His Partnership With Sports Spectacular To Eliminate Homelessness


black sports online kobes annonucement


Kobe had fans on the edge of their seats for days wondering what his big announcement would be. Many rumors swirled around of a possible retirement or team change, but in fact it turned out to be anything but…

Fans watched the live streamed event and waited patiently for Kobe’s big announcement, which came as somewhat of  a surprise.

Kobe decided to let his words be announced at this year’s Sports Spectacular honors. Although Kobe couldn’t be there live, he announced from a remote location that he and Sports Spectacular have joined forces to tackle a huge problem in Southern California and the nation as a whole–homelessness.

A fundraiser for this cause will take place August 15 at the Nokia theater, and 10 tickets will be auctioned off for front row seats to the event which Kobe will attend.

Let’s commend his noble actions.


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