LaLa’s Message to Jordan Crawford: “You’re On The Bench For a Reason”


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I think we have own answer on if Jordan Crawford said something about Carmelo Anthony’s wife LaLa (you can watch the video here).  LaLa took to social media to deliver a message for Crawford.

Lala Jordan Crawford

Crawford is on the bench because he isn’t that good, not exactly a denial, but I understand what she is saying. There are certain lines you shouldn’t cross.

There are a lot of things you can trash talk about, leave the man’s wife out if it. That is weak and childish, be more creative. Especially when you have more DNPs than points in the series.

lala anthony Jordan Crawford

Crawford is now backtracking.

7 thoughts on “LaLa’s Message to Jordan Crawford: “You’re On The Bench For a Reason”

  • Maaannnnnn THIS TRICK is BACKGROUND-NOISE… Ain’t NOTHING SPECIAL about Her (WORD…) The Dude she speaks of EARNED HIS WAY onto An NBA ROSTER (MF-ing REAL…) SMDH

  • HA like she hasn’t been run through by half the NBA

  • Why did BLACKsportsonline correct her grammar? She said “YOU ON THE BENCH FOR A REASON”, not “YOU’RE on the bench for a reason.
    Oh, and btw “Lala” … Your husband is a loser for a reason … NO NBA TITLES, and HE’LL NEVER GET ONE

  • here is what i cant understand.Why come when a ex-celebrity (that know one even remebers)marries a well known richie athelet they all of sudden become strong,independent black weman/men.You didnt do anything but have babies and get married the person doing the work is the succesful one.Atleast crawford made it to the NBA,and is an NBA player.LALA jsut married one.

  • Jordan Crawford has a talent that has him in the NBA making millions. Only 450 people in the world have the talent to ball in the NBA. LaLa Anthony is a groupie turned wife. She was a FAT out of shape DJ in Cali until she got her hands on Melo’s money.

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