Lance Stephenson Begged To Guard LeBron For Pacers In Game 4


NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson has come of age in these playoffs and making his second round selection by Larry Bird seem like a steal now.

Stephenson exploded for 20 points last night and was a big reason the Pacers were able to tie the series up 2-2.  His most impressive and courageous feat may have come on defense.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Stephenson seeing that Paul George was in foul trouble, begged coach Frank Vogel to allow him to guard LeBron James.

“He asked to guard him,” Pacers coach Frank Vogel said. “He’s a com­petitor. We know Paul is getting worn out a little bit guarding LeBron the whole game that he’s in there.

“Lance said, ‘Let me share some of the load.’ He wants to rise to the challenge.”

It really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.  Stephenson is from Brooklyn, went to Lincoln, and believes he’s the best player on the court.

If not some immature decisions in his past, he might be another teams #1 or #2 option.


  1. “If not some immature decisions in his past, he might be another teams #1 or #2 option.” He had a good game, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Dude CAN’T SHOOT AT ALL. There is a reason he is always wide open. His career high is like 23 points.

  2. I like the way the Pacers are playing. They’re playing with a chip on their shoulders and none of them are intimidated by the Miami Heat. Granted they might not win the series, but it’s wonderful seeing them standing up to Goliath.

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