LeBron James Says It’s Ok to Flop to Gain an Advantage


LeBron has been flopping for years, no matter how many times he denies it, so this isn’t a surprising comment. It isn’t an inaccurate one either.

In the immortal of someone, if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.

“Some guys have been doing it for years, just trying to get an advantage,” James said Monday in the lead-up to Tuesday’s Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals. “Any way you can get an advantage over the opponent to help your team win, so be it.”

Granted LeBron doesn’t need any extra advantages, but his point is sound. My only issue is that he is lying about it, if you are going to be a flopper, but an honest flopper.  Hard to deny you aren’t one, when videos like this are floating around.

That doesn’t even include the multiple flops he has done this year and during the playoffs.  I like the fact The King was sort of honest, but don’t exclude yourself like you aren’t doing the same thing you are defending.

One thought on “LeBron James Says It’s Ok to Flop to Gain an Advantage

  • no he is not lying, a flopper is someone like manu and james harden , ad shane battier. guys whose go to move is the flop . its the first thing they try , lebron does it on occasion to gain an edge . there is a different. separate a flopper from someone who flops.

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