LeBron On His 4th MVP: I Don’t Know How Good I Can Be


LeBron James is hours away from winning his fourth Most Valuable Player Award in five years, and his second straight.  James not one to rest on his laurels, is still working, still trying to improve.

A humbled James while being interviewed by ESPN, said “he’s a historian of the game, and really doesn’t know how good he can be.”

I’m a historian of the game,” he said. “I know the game. I know these guys paved the way for myself and the rest of us.”

James and Bill Russell are the only players to win the award four times in five years, and he and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are the only players to twice win the award in consecutive seasons.

While other people were basking in the greatness that he is, LeBron James continued to work on his free throws.

I don’t know my ceiling,” James said. “I don’t stop trying to improve my game — just like today, being in here with Rio and Ray, the last guys to leave the court. I want to continue to maximize what I have.”