LeBron Says He Isn’t Afraid To Challenge Roy Hibbert At The Rim

Roy Hibbert, LeBron James

The Pacers will lock horns with the Miami Heat for a chance to play for an NBA Title.  All anyone has been talking about the past few days is this Roy Hibbert block on Carmelo Anthony from the Eastern Conference semi’s. 

Of course now everyone wants to know if that block will prevent LeBron James from challenging Hibbert at the rim?

According to the New York Daily News, James let it be known he’d have no problem challenging Hibbert at the rim.

“Me?” James said incredulously. “Me?”

Reassured the question was about him, James dismissed the notion.


“If I think I can finish over the top then I’m going to go for it,” said James, who has played in five of the last seven Eastern Conference finals. “Once you get in the air you want to think, score first, pass second, and see where it takes you.

LeBron James is not Carmelo Anthony, so if Hibbert does meet James at the rim, he better early and nowhere late, or he’ll be a poster.