LeBron Takes The Blame for The Heat Game 2 Loss

Roy Hibbert, LeBron James

People have to understand that you don’t have to skiptized everything. You don’t have to be extreme in your opinions, just be reasonable with your thoughts.

Simply put, LeBron had a brilliant game, but in the last-minute he had two god awful turnovers that cost his team a chance to win. No need to sensationalize or scream about it, that just what happens. It happens to the best of players, LeBron isn’t exempt and he knows that.

“Very disappointing, of course, for me,’’ James said. “I had two key ones at a big point in the game. I am very disappointed in my judgment and my plays down the stretch … My turnovers hurt more than anything.’’

“I made two mistakes tonight. That hurt our team. And that hurt more than anything. Let my teammates down. They expect me to make plays down the stretch.’’

Game 3 will be interesting. How will the Pacers respond to people actually believing in them and how will the Heat react now they are being pushed a bit?

It has been a great series so far.