Lil Wayne Has Jumped to the Bulls Bandwagon to Spite the Heat (Photo)


Lil Wayne Bulls Fan

This whole thing is silly. It all started when LeBron and D Wade didn’t acknowledge Wayne at a Hornets game. Then it escalated when Wayne was kicked out of Heat game for getting into with a fan (or cheering too hard for the Lakers if you want to believe Wayne).

Then it got out of control when Wayne went on stage and said he had sex with Chris Bosh’s wife and F*** the Heat. Now, according to Larry Brown Sports, Wayne has hitched his wagon to the Chicago Bulls.

Rip Hamilton (Rip is too old to be partying and sending thug life poses to instagram) posted the photo above, showing The Bulls and Wayne having a good time.

I am sure if the Heat gets by the Bulls, Weezy will move on to the next.


  1. Lil Wayne is nothing more than a diva. He’s a bandwagon fan of many teams. But the Bulls better have their game hats on tonight.

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